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CNN: Bergdahl deal scrutinized at congressional hearing.

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In perhaps the most poignant moment of the hearing, Rep. Randy Weber, R-Texas, asked Andy Andrews whether, given the option, he would be willing to trade five senior Taliban leaders to have his son back. "If my son had been a deserter, then no," Andrews said. "Absolutely not." "But my son was a man of honor," he continued, fighting back tears, "and I would do almost anything."

Daily Mail: Bowe Bergdahl's platoon-mate testifies before Congress that he should face EIGHT criminal charges including desertion.

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Texas Republican Rep. Randy Weber made a blistering opening statement in which he claimed that America 'got one conventional weapon' in the prisoner swap, and 'some would say it's a dud.' The enemy, however, 'got five nuclear weapons.' 'Mr. President,' Weber boomed, 'please stop negotiating for us!' Later in the hearing, Weber asked Full what he would tell President Obama about the Bergdahl contro...

Maloney, DeLauro, Weber Call on Attorney General Holder to Address the Demand Side of Sex Trafficking

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WASHINGTON, DC--Representatives Rosa DeLauro (D-CT), Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) and Randy Weber (R-TX) led 36 members of Congress in calling on Attorney General Eric Holder to address the demand side of sex trafficking. Like drugs and arms trafficking, human trafficking is a market-driven criminal industry that is based on the principles of supply and demand. Historically, the brunt of social and offi...

Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi testimony leaves Texas Republicans unsatisfied

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Weber, the new representative for Southeast Texas’ Gulf Coast, also found Clinton’s testimony lacking. “It was definitely an exciting first hearing as a new member. Unfortunately, I left the hearing room with more questions than answers,” Weber said in a statement. “For instance, if the loss of four American lives does not constitute a fire-able offense, then what does?” Weber went on to question ...