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Rep. Randy Weber (R-TX) Releases Statement on December 2020 COVID Spending Package

Washington, D.C. –Tuesday, December 22, 2020  U.S. Rep. Randy Weber (R-TX-14) issued the following statement in response to the December 2020 COVID spending package. 

"Once again, Nancy Pelosi negotiated a massive spending bill in secret and released the 5,500+ bill text at the final hour.  While I believe hardworking American families and businesses deserve additional Payment Protection Program (PPP) funding and stimulus checks, this much-needed relief package was tied to a bloated $1.4 trillion omnibus bill which failed to prioritize American families.  Even worse, it created additional financial strain on future generations with its frivolous spending.  

Some of the most troubling items include:

  • $4 billion in aid to foreign countries
  • $54.3 billion in additional funding for many schools which refuse to open
  • $10 million for gender programs in Pakistan
  • $4 million to kill hornets
  • $10 billion loan relief to USPS
  • $15 billion bailout to the live music and entertainment industries

* tax breaks for racehorse owners 

"Nancy Pelosi knew what she was doing when she tied the relief package and her bloated spending bills together.  She needed the votes to fund her liberal priorities, so she packaged it with the relief priorities that families and small businesses really need.  I would have voted for the relief package on its own – PPP and stimulus checks. In fact, like President Trump, I would have supported BIGGER stimulus checks for struggling families.   

"I voted for all of that when Congress passed the CARES Act in the spring.  But, this time she held it hostage to liberal priorities – foreign governments, Hollywood and racehorse owners.  Americans deserve better."