Weber Introduces Justice for Victims of School Shootings Act

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Washington, August 23, 2019 | comments
Washington D.C. –  On Friday, August 23, 2019, Congressman Randy Weber (R-TX-14), introduced the Justice for Victims of School Shootings Act, which will make school shootings a federal crime. This legislation is the second in a series of three bills to combat mass violence.

“After the tragic Santa Fe High School shooting that took ten lives and injured thirteen, I began investigating legislative options that would prevent, mitigate, and penalize senseless acts of violence. It came to my attention that in mass shooting incidents where the perpetrator survived, the only available federal charges were those relating to hate crimes”, said Congressman Weber

This legislation provides federal law enforcement officers and prosecutors the ability to pursue federal charges against anyone who in the course of discharging a firearm, on a school or university campus, causes death or serious bodily injury. Additionally, anyone who attempts or conspires to commit a shooting on a school or university campus may also receive a federal charge.

America is facing a growing national problem. School shootings are becoming our daily reality. Agenda-driven media, 24-hour news cycles, and the viral nature of social media are sensationalizing mass shootings, inspiring new acts of mass violence nationally. Preliminary research shows, as references to school shootings increase on social media the probability of another school shooting increases nationally by 85 percent. These attacks do not just affect the victims, they also spread terror across our country and alter our daily lives.

The families and loved ones of victims deserve justice. This legislation arms prosecutors with the necessary tools to not only bring that justice to victims and their families, but to protect all Americans by enhancing penalties for existing laws. 

“The growing number of victims and families left grieving from these atrocious acts of violence leaves Congress no other choice but to fight back. Students deserve to feel safe and free from distraction in an educational environment. There are few more heinous crimes than those which target our students. It leaves a permanent mark on our society. Families of victims deserve justice – an important element in the healing process – for their loved ones. My bill will allow federal prosecutors more options in their fight against anyone targeting students”, said Congressman Weber.

To read the text of the Justice for Victims of School Shootings Act, click here.


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