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Weber Statement on Tax Reform Framework

Washington D.C. – House Republicans announced a tax reform framework on Wednesday, September 27. This framework is pro-American and fiscally-responsible. Congressman Randy Weber (R-Friendswood) released the following statement:

“My colleagues have put forth countless hours working on a tax reform plan that is better for Americans. The current tax code is out of control. For years, we have had a stagnant economy. It is passed time we reform the tax code – making it fair and simple.

To quote a man I admire greatly, President Ronald Reagan, we are in “a new season of hope,” and that hope begins with tax reform. With this plan, the standard deduction is doubled for American families. Current tax brackets are all lowered, and most notably, the 10 percent bracket is dropped to zero. America wage earners will keep more money in their pockets, and small businesses, which our family members mainly work for, will have more money to plow into creating more jobs. 

We’ve spent many months working on this framework, and now we’re turning our ideas over to the committee to write the actual text of the bill. The tax code was last reformed during the Reagan Administration in 1986. I think about how much things have changed since 1986; let’s update the tax code.”