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Rep. Randy Weber Introduces the Protect Our Children’s Schools Act

Washington, D.C. - U.S. Rep. Randy Weber (TX-14) introduced the Protect Our Children’s Schools Act to allow the Secretary of Education to reprogram unspent COVID-19 funds originally designated for schools and localities to make our schools safer. This will reallocate funds to strengthen and enhance security systems already in place at schools and would create and implement school safety programs to ensure our educators and administrative staff are better equipped to deal with active shooters. U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) introduced the Senate companion to this legislation.

“My district knows too well that evil people do evil things, and we know the importance of protecting our children in schools,” said Rep. Weber. “As we approach a new school year, our children should feel safe and secure when they walk through the doors, and that’s why I introduced a commonsense bill to harden schools. I appreciate Senator Cruz introducing the Senate version of the Protect Our Children’s Schools Act.”

“Far too many atrocities have been committed at schools in Texas and across our nation. Increasing school safety is of paramount importance," said Sen. Cruz. "The excess and unused monies given to schools to address the coronavirus should be used to keep our kids safe from monsters in their communities, and our bill would make sure local schools can use these funds to address their specific security needs. It’s teachers and local education officials who know best what their schools need, and how to use funds to keep our kids safe when they go to school.”