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Jefferson County Hurricane Resources


Jefferson County Website
Jefferson County Operation Storm Ready Disaster Guide 
Jefferson County, Texas Office of Emergency Management
Boil Water Notices 

Important information and official Emergency Management Bulletins will be made available to the local radio and television stations. Respond to the "official" bulletins.

Evacuees from south Jefferson County should plan to use Cardinal Drive to move North. If an alternate route is not designated in Evacuation Bulletin, use route most familiar to you to reach Cardinal Drive. Leave as early as possible to avoid the heavy traffic on highways.

Do not return until official bulletins declare it advisable to do so.

Jefferson County Emergency Management Organization

City Website
City of Beaumont (409) 880-3916
Beaumont Emergency Management Office (409) 835-8757
Emergency Alert Sign-up

Port Arthur
City Website
City of Port Arthur (409) 983-8600
Port Arthur Emergency Management Office (409) 983-8333
Emergency Alert Sign-up
Port Arthur Police Facebook


City Website
City of Groves (409) 962-4469
Just a reminder when a city in Texas declares an emergency or disaster the Emergency Management Coordinator takes charge. In the City of Groves that is the Fire Chief. All information and decisions are processed through the EMC. Please refer to the Fire Department Facebook page and the city web page under Notices for information during these declared emergencies.

City Website
City of Nederland (409) 722-4965
Nederland Police Department Facebook
Port Neches
City Website
City of Port Neches (409) 722-5885
Port Neches Police Department Facebook

City Website
City of China (409) 752-5403

City of Nome (409) 253-2391

Bevil Oaks
City Website
City of Bevil Oaks (409) 753-1475